We would like to thank our sponsors for support in making this Inuit-led project a reality:

  • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • Oak Foundation
  • Oceans North Canada
  • WWF


The work of the Commission is dependent on the aid from those who support its purpose.

  • The purpose of the Pikialasorsuaq Commission is to recommend an Inuit strategy for safeguarding and monitoring the health of Pikialasorsuaq (the North Water polynya) for future generations - and explore avenues for establishing an Inuit lead management regime for Pikialasorsuaq. This will be based upon consultations and further cooperation between Inuit communities in Nunavut and Northwest Greenland who depends upon this polynya and its biological productivity.

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Greenlandic contact point:

Alfred E. R. Jakobsen: aerj58@gmail.com

Canadian contact point:

Stephanie Meakin: meakin.steph@gmail.com