Workshop report 2013 coverIn September 2013, the Inuit Circumpolar Council - Greenland hosted a workshop in Nuuk at which representatives from communities around Pikialasorsuaq met to discuss the polynya and to explore shared concerns and aspirations for this region.  This meeting confirmed a strong regional interest in a bi-national dialogue about the future of the polynya. This group recommended both at the meeting and in the ensuing report ("Bridging the Bay") that a commission be constituted to conduct consultations in Nunavut and Greenlandic communities closest to Pikialasorsuaq to continue this discussion and assess strategies aimed at safeguarding this region, including harvesting interests, for future generations.


Consultation meeting in SavissivikLed by three Commissioners, Okalik Eegeesiak (chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Council) the International Commissioner, Eva Aariak (former Premier of Nunavut) the Canadian Commissioner, and Kuupik Kleist (former Greenland Premier) the Greenland Commissioner, the Pikialasorsuaq Commission is mandated to conduct consultations in the communities in Nunavut and Greenland that are closely connected to Pikialasorsuaq.

With the support of the Oak Foundation, Oceans North and World Wildlife Fund the Commissioners have undertaken consultations with Canadian Inuit communities in April 2016 (Grise Fiord, Resolute, Arctic Bay, Pond Inlet and Clyde River) and in Northern Greenland in September 2016 to hear from Inuit on the Greenlandic side of the Pikialasorsuaq (Siorapaluk, Qaanaaq, Savissivik, Kullorsuaq, Nuussuaq and Upernavik).

The consultations are designed to facilitate local and regional input, to incorporate indigenous knowledge, and to recommend an Inuit strategy for safeguarding, monitoring and management of the health of Pikialasorsuaq for future generations.

Mission statement & workplan

The purpose of the Pikialasorsuaq Commission is to recommend an Inuit strategy for safeguarding and monitoring the health of Pikialasorsuaq (the North Water polynya) for future generations - and explore avenues for establishing an Inuit lead management regime for Pikialasorsuaq. This will be based upon consultations and further cooperation between Inuit communities in Nunavut and Northwest Greenland who depends upon this polynya and its biological productivity.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference (ToR) is a statement that describes the background, purpose and structures of the Pikialasorsuaq Commission.