Pikialasorsuaq Leaders Statement

| by: Commission

On April 3, 2019 Inuit and Canadian government leaders met and committed to work together, with the governments of Denmark and Kalaalliit Nunaat.

Press release - May 2018

| by: Commission

ICC’s Pikialasorsuaq Commission Workshop Concludes with an Implementation Plan: Moving Forward with the Recommendations

Press release - November 2017

| by: Commission

The Inuit Circumpolar Council’s Pikialasorsuaq Commission is calling for the creation of an Inuit-identified, Inuit-managed protected area in the ecologically and culturally significant area shared by Canada and Greenland in the High Arctic, as well as reinstatement of free movement for Inuit between historically connected communities in both countries.

Press release - April 2017

| by: Commission

Pikialasorsuaq Commission applauds Simon's support for an Inuit led management area in the Pikialasorsuaq

Launch of website - April 2017

| by: Parnuna Egede

As a part of its communication strategy, the Pikialasorsuaq Commission is launching its website in English, Kalaallisut and Inuktut on April 25, 2017.

Press release - February 2017

| by: Eegeesiak, Kleist, Aariak

ICC Pikialasorsuaq Commission shaping recommendations from community testimony

Press release - September 2016

| by: Eegeesiak, Kleist, Aariak

Canadian and Greenlandic Inuit Call for an Inuit Management Region and Free Access to travel in the Pikialasorsuaq

Press release - June 2016

| by: Eegeesiak, Kleist, Aariak

Russian Rocket debris will not fall in no-man's land

Press release - May 2016

| by: Eegeesiak, Kleist, Aariak

Inuit led Pikialasorsuaq Commission Completes Hearings in Grise Fiord and Pond Inlet

Press release - January 2016

| by: Eegeesiak, Kleist, Aariak

Inuit led Pikialaorsuaq Commission to Study the Important Northwater Polyna